People are so obsessed with perfection

We are so obsessed with perfection that most of the time we forget what really matters.

In life, it is very important to go straight forward through the process. Some people forget what they got in their lives and what truly matters. Everyone of us, who can read, listen and feel have that one thing in common – LIFE. And it’s the only one thing we all have 100%. Nobody can be entirely sure, whether there is an after life. Even if you’re a religious person or not. But why we are so obsessed with perfection that most of the time we forget what really matters.

I say, it is important to be more focused on what we really possess and what is right in front of us – LIFE and an opportunity to live it to the fullest!

Perfection is what blinds us from seeing the obvious – it is a waste of time. Perfection is nothing but a matter of perspective. And we will never know what perfection is, if we idealize it as something that has no flaws. Life is just full of flaws. We don’t need to seek out perfection even if our boss or anybody else tells us to. In this case, proccess and joy matters.

I know a marvelous story about a perfectionist who was so worried about every detail that he was unable to sleep at night and so he became really tired of everything.

Even worse, that man quit his job and, two weeks later, he was diagnosed with a fourth stage cancer. Then he stopped for a second and realised – he haven’t achieved anything in his life. He wasn’t married, he didn’t have children and his career was over.

What did he do? Surprisingly, he did not give up… Instead, he started his cancer treatment, found a lovely woman and now they have a baby. But most important part – he started living his life! But how did this happen? After he was diagnosed, he managed to stay happy every day. He didn’t think about perfection anymore. The man had just become excited about every minute of his life, and, every morning, he was just happy by eating his meal, or taking a walk outside and etc.

He told me that the importance of life is not in perfect angles, it is behind the perfect imperfections.

So, live your life, don’t try to cater for other people and don’t be perfect – be yourself.


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